The year that changed everything.

Isn’t it that every year we see changes so deep that makes us see the world from a different perspective? Yes, so what? This one in particular changed the life of my family. We had the joy of the graduation of a daughter and the birth of a grandson. The world saw dramatic, terrible events like the war in Ukraine and environmental devastation with tornados and fires that affected thousand of lives.

My family was blessed with peace and prosperity. We had good times together in different occasions and were able meet and talk about our hopes and plans.

The world has continued in turmoil as a paradox of advance with recoil. News are always focusing on the negative so that is the impression we get from the situations; negative. But under everything we see or read or hear there is an underlying silver lining (as it is said) that a lot of good is happening. The Russian invasion of Ukraine for example will end the tyranny of Putin and the liberation of the Russian people for a new world order. The changes in Primer Minister in the UK will bring British people to a new reality that we all are connected and it is not possible to isolate even if you live in an island. The USA went through another national elections process making evident that people want normality in public life. Extremism, even though impossible to avoid, will be only to indicate limits of behavior. In the USA laws have been passed this year that will make life better from guarantee of marriage equality to investment in environmental solutions like support for the electrification of transportation.

Seeds of new higher education are being planted all around the world as evidence that the old model is not working. Students ending their college or university with huge debt is not sustainable and people are questioning the value of many higher education degrees. Interdisciplinary approach has been the answer for many years and will continue as entrepreneurial skills are introduced to the other disciplines. New ways of funding low income students so they are able to get the education they need in this more technological environment. Top-down organizations will change into more democratic bottom-up or horizontal organizations which will be nimble and more efficient as well as better equipped for change and adaptation. The way higher education is organized will include aspects of finance like the use of ledgers in blockchain so students will have their records transferable in a safe manner.

To end this post I just want to send my best regards to all with wishes for a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year!

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