Monthly Archives: August 2015

Changing in the face of reality.

It is been a while since I wrote about change and time. During the summer I had the opportunity to read and heal after my total hip replacement. It was, I think, the best excuse I had to take the time to read.

There is one thing I can say about my hip surgery: it was great!

Everything happened according to plan, so now I am ready for the start of a new academic year. Ready to meet new students and to re-encounter with old students. My notebook is full of ideas developed during reading a broad spectrum of books and blogs, from environmental to political topics. The ones about spirituality like Deepak Chopra’s “The Future of God” had (I’m sure) the most impact. I will keep pondering about those ideas well beyond the next couple of months.

Outside of my health, one thing that happened that was not planned at all is that our “Friends” meeting (church) was released from the Northwest Yearly Meeting (NWYM). The NWYMis the umbrella organization that unites many Quaker meetings in the Northwest. The reason for the release is that our meeting decided some time ago to be welcoming to the LGBTQ community. As a core value of our religious convictions is that we all have in us the light of the Divine Spirit.

The process of expulsion has been complicated. Some other meetings have appealed and the administrative council of the NWYM is now thinking about how to proceed. We’ll soon find out.  In the mean time many manifestations of support have been received.

These two aspects of my life, hip and religion are telling be that reality manifest in many ways and that we have to change in order to move on. Some times is easy as is the case of dealing with a new situation having a new hip. But, many a times, some are not easy as when dealing with new personal relationships.

For the time been I know that we’ll be fine. In fact I think we’ll be better!

Did you faced changes in your life during the summer?