Monthly Archives: November 2015

Mission Statements

Much has been written about organizations having the proper “Mission Statement” as a needed lighthouse guiding all actions within the enterprise. Now personal mission statements are used to define and clarify the personal purpose. So here is mine: “To learn and help others learn about the reality of life.” If it sounds too philosophical it is because I intended it to be.

This statement requires a lot of explaining, don’t you think? First of all, what do I mean by ‘reality of life’? Isn’t it this another way to say ‘purpose’? What is the point? Maybe, but I feel that finding out what is the reality for one’s life goes beyond any understanding of purpose, it may even go deeper to the idea of belonging. If everything is connected, how can I see me, my life, being part of a larger reality?

That is what I am looking to, that is what I am in the process of finding out. That is why my statement makes sense to me!

Do you have a mission statement?