Monthly Archives: November 2021

Virus Pandemic

We have today a situation that is allowing a conversation about the need for scientific thinking and the dire consequences of having people in political power that are ignorant and not versed in scientific thinking. Some are so ignorant that present themselves as anti-science advocates. Their ignorance is so deep that they think they know it all and hide behind so-called religious beatitude to act in a way that is contrary to true religious beliefs.

Take for example how so-called evangelicals are against the intentions of state and federal government to require vaccination. Their argument is based on the freedom of individuals, but forget that in any tradition the common good is emphasized. The knowledge that comes from the interaction of individuals as members of society is what allows society to survive and prosper. On the other hand, we know from history that when a society is falsely representing reality that society disappears with time. Just remember the religious society of “Shakers” that believed that all sex was bad, sinful, and thus should be forbidden. With no newborn within the Shakers, the society disappeared in a short time!

Some would call this event an example of human evolution where the fittest is the one that survives. Now for more than one year, our society around the world is suffering from a pandemic. This pandemic is caused by a virus, we all know, and we also know how to deal with virus infections. But some do not want to follow educated advice from the experts. These people are against any kind of expertise as if the expertise was a product of elitism. Even if acting in this way is contrary to their own interests.

The main problem I see today is that people do not listen. They are afraid that if they listen they may have to change how they think. Not being sure of their ideas the main strategy they can follow is not to question these ideas. As any questioning will shake the foundation of their ideology. Sad indeed, that they any blocked out of progress, out of the benefits of discovery. It is even sadder that they think they are not doing it, because they are users of modern technologies like cell phones that give the impression of modernity, of keeping up with the time. But it is only an illusion.

There is little we can do. Those of us who know that medicine has advanced to the point of developing vaccines against COVID-19 that are very effective and that using proper face covering and distancing will protect us will survive to next epoch of our society. We are just in the process of natural selection, as was somehow described in the theory of evolution.