Beware the Golden Future

You are making a great point that I relate to the fact that education is more that delivery of facts or content. Context, ethical and otherwise is also part of education!

Class Teaching

hover carAccording to TV programmes I watched as a boy in the 1970s, we should all now be getting around in hover cars, like the ones to the left.  In fact, this was due to be commonplace by the year 2000, I seem to recall.  I haven’t seen that many!  What we’ve done instead is quite sensible – take the basic design of a car and just tweak it, to make it better – more efficient, more comfortable, more environmentally friendly etc.  There are some parallels with education here.  We’ve been led to believe that all sorts of things were going to be the golden future of education e.g. brain gym, learning styles and of course google.  Why would we need teachers, when students can just plug in and google what they need to know?  Independent learning like this was seen as the way forward.  This was progress.  Like the hover…

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