Supporting Learning Through Effective Revision Techniques

I’d like to reblog this because we are under constant pressure to reduce the time we spend teaching a particular subject.

Class Teaching


The 15 minute forum tonight was led by yours truly.  As Y11 begin the final countdown from mock exams to the their final exams in the summer, Andy Tharby and I have been reviewing the resources and guidance that we give them, to support their revision.  Over the years this has accumulated into a large booklet full of revision ‘advice’.  The problem is that this booklet has become far too big and contains too many techniques and so ends up adding to their confusion!  Furthermore, many of the techniques are questionable.  So, we looked to the paper above (download here) to gain some clarity.

In the paper, Dunlosky et al identify the most effective techniques to support learning, that could be used for revision.  Before this though, they also identify some common revision techniques that have been shown to have very little effect on learning.


Three commonly used revision techniques…

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