Modelling: how, why and what can go wrong

When teaching goes beyond the transfer of information you have to get into ‘m o d e l l i n g.’ Have a look at this great blog where Shaun Allison shares ideas and examples including Andy Tharby’s talk.

Class Teaching

MELCmodellingThe DHS 2015-16 15 minute forum programme was kicked off tonight, with Andy Tharby talking about modelling.

In his first year of teaching, Andy taught a top set Y11 class.  He worked his socks off for a year, but come the summer, only four of them achieved a grade A.  On reflection he soon realised why – he wasn’t modelling to the students, how they needed to apply their knowledge and skills.  It soon became clear to Andy that modelling is teaching.


Within our six principles of great teaching, modelling is key.  Why?

  1. It sets a benchmark for excellence, by showing students the quality they should be aspiring to.

2.  It makes abstract success criteria concrete.  Simply telling students what the success criteria are, or writing them down can be relatively meaningless for students.  They need to be able to see what they are aiming for.

3. It excavates the thought processes…

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